Father and Mentor

My father, Ronnie Phillips  is a successful mixed media artist and photographer.  My father was a freelance photographer in Los Angeles for 17 years. His photographs have been featured in multiple well-received magazines such as Essence, TV Guide, and Ebony. His work has also struck the fancy of many celebrities, going home with clients such as Halle Berry, Bill Cosby, Sheryl Crowe, and more.When he got tired of photography, he took up painting. He infuses his photographs into his paintings which we call it 'mixed media'. When he was working, he would set up an easel for me and I would paint beside him. He would have me paint whatever he was painting, we would compare the two, and his teachings and inspiration would help me in my creative process in the long run. Check out my fathers work at Ronphillipsart.com

Mother and Mentor

My mother, Darlene Jackson, is a brilliant costume designer and my biggest supporter. I wanted to be like her at one point. I started out sketching outfits, layering patterns and sewing clothes until I decided to become a artist. I also worked with her in different movies as her assistant. Coolest memories were being around actors and actresses while doing fittings for them in the wardrobe department. My mother designed clothes for Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington, Gregory Hines, and many more. To check out all the movies she worked on, go to her website at TheRedHeadDesigner.com